Due to my funding being pulled from Microsoft I have no choice but to no longer maintain this project. Take care, Chris.

Does this describe you?

  • Are you tired of receiving constant emails from marketers and spammers?
  • Have emails from your friends or family gotten lost inbetween all the junk in your inbox?
  • Are you worried about receiving viruses or harmful emails?
  • Are you frustrated that this problem hasn't already been taken care of by your email provider?

If you answered Yes, then this product is for you!

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What Is It:

If you are already asking whether you can block spam emails, the answer is simply yes! InboxLock removes and blocks emails based on your decisions. It eliminates the need for opt-out lists or spam filters. InboxLock is the first of its kind that features a hybrid community based / embedded algorithm to ensure efficiency. How to block spam emails has been an ongoing debate in the internet world and I have focused on the most effective methods.

What Makes It Unique:

Modern anti spam protection services utilize a "one size fits all" technique. Large email providers rank spam on the collective email data of users email accounts. In short, this is why they do not work. Anything that makes decisions for the general public based on a set of predefined rules is going to be circumvented by spammers and solicitors. There are many methods on how to get rid of spam emails. InboxLock works with an embedded InboxLock algorithm (or brain) that learns on an individual level. Combined with a community based feedback system, it is potentially the most effective spam blocker for emails on the market.

Why Is It Important:

A major issue with the boom of the internet era is how to get rid of spam emails. Companies now view your inbox as a source for revenue instead of your personal space. InboxLock gives you the freedom of what was once a private place (our email accounts) and eliminates information we otherwise don't need to see, increasing our productivity. I believe everyone has asked their friends or coworkers how to block spam emails. The answer is always the same “your email provider does that”. If our email providers were able to provide an efficient email filter they already would have. The problem originates in the fact that not all companies or people are defined by the email providers as actual email spammers.

How much does it cost?

InboxLock is free! I am an independent programmer and have no motives for profit. My only concern is to help people regain their email accounts by stopping spam. Developing a spam blocker for emails has not been an easy task and is an ongoing process, please report any issues directly to me.

What makes it different?

Surprisingly, there are very few anti spam products on the market. Those that do manage to stop junk mail have extreme limitations and the free version is extremely limited. The number of features and the innovative solutions make InboxLock a one of a kind email filter. Ultimately, the solution is to stop junk mail before it starts.


  • - NEW! Report spam to the community
  • - NEW! Scan and add people in your sent folder
  • - NEW! Ability to connect multiple email accounts
  • - NEW! Anti-Virus protection
  • - NEW! A hybrid algorithm / community based rating system
  • - Display detailed information for the current email
  • - List views for allowed, blocked or skipped emails
  • - A display showing the amount of unique emails
  • - Four primary decisions including
    1. Allow an email through.
    2. Block an email and all future emails from a sender. If you’re asking how to block spam emails this is where you do it! Simply click on the block button and block spam emails forever!
    3. Delete a single email but allow future emails from a sender.
    4. Skip an email to take action at a later time. If you are not sure whether or not an email is spam and you don’t want to take any action on it select this option.
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